Artist: Messer Chups
Format: 12 inch LP
Label: copaseDisques
Cat-no.: cdolp006
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HERETIC CHANNEL - final version out now!

12inch LP gatefold edition

Oleg Gitaracula (guitars) & Zombierella (bass) & Chupacabra drummer

These 14 new tracks run riot through older traditions of surf guitar and B-movie horror flicks, whilst exercising a more modern sense of humor that several journalists have (rightly) suggested as the possible soundtrack for a future Tarantino movie. In the same creepy spirit, there are witty reworkings of a few David Lynch motifs, too. In a word, this is a supremely decadent recording that rejoices in its own lack of taste. source: Far From Moscow - New Music From Russia And Beyond

Oleg Gitaracula - Guitars
Zombierella - bass Guitars
Ghost Drummer Alexander -Drums
The Voxter - Vocals (side A 4,6; side B 3,5)
Olga Tchumikova - Pipe organ (side A 1,2,4; side B 1,7)
recorded in November 2008 in St. Petersburg's Melodiya Studio


side - A -

01. Tremolo from the Crypt
02. Moriarty Woogy
03. Midnight Preacher
04. Vincent Price Bible
05. Signal from Tremoluna Planet
06. New adventures of Gitaracula and Zombierella
07. Loch Ness Surfing

side - B -

01. House of Exorcism
02. Stigmatabilly
03. Johnny Reverb
04. Lucky Nosferatu
05. Bruce Lee Vs Christopher Lee
06. Twin Peaks Twist
07. Occult Apothecary --24 Hour


1 Tremolo From The Crypt
2 Moriarty Woogie
3 Crash
4 Vincent Price Bible
5 Midnight Preacher
6 New Adventures of Gitaracula and Zombierella
7 Spooky Tiki
8 Stigmatabilly
9 Signal From Tremoluna Planet
10 Johnny Reverb
11 House Of Exorcism
12 Loch Ness Surfing
13 Diabolica
14 Rock It, Creature From The Break Lagoon
15 Lucky Nosferatu
16 Bruce Lee vs Christopher Lee
17 Munster Theme
18 Twin Peaks Twist
19 Occult Apothecary - 24 Hour
20 Stigmata - Gothabilly Version