Album: The Shed Record
Format: CD
Label: Diskono
Cat-no.: diskono010
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Lucky Kitchen's Aeron Bergman prefaces The Shed Record with a quote from Foucault: It is impossible to document an entire civilization, or even a short period of time within that civilization. What Bergman then sets out to do, defiantly, is present a portrait of the family shed in Clarkston, Michigan. This CD continues in Bergman's unique brand of electronic folk music, documenting the world around him by using a combination of domestic samples, found and electronic sounds. The Shed Record may be short (just under 30 minutes), but within no less than 20 miniatures it covers just as many objects, features and events in this domestic setting, with little sketches on the sleeve identifying the subjects of each track. From descriptions of an old gardening tool to aeroplanes passing in the sky and a homespun rendition of Getting to Know You, Bergman takes these field recordings, splices them, arranges them, and colours them with subtle electronic tones and textures. Recorded with the assistance of his Lucky Kitchen partner Alejandra Salinas, this record is a tiny gem, unassuming and beautiful in its simplicity. [Richard di Santo]