Artist: Gelbart
Album: Preemptive musical offerings to satisfy our future masters
Format: 12 inch LP
Label: gagarin
Cat-no.: gr2034
Price: EUR 18,00
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For his new release on Gagarin Records, multi instrumentalist Adi Gelbart delivers twelve PREEMPTIVE MUSICAL OFFERINGS TO SATISFY OUR FUTURE MASTERS.
With a spiralling musical complexity reminiscent of film scores, BBC Radiophonics Workshop, Library Music, Criminal Swing, Russian Vitamins, Tinnitus' Twist, Abstract Jazz and Musique Concr¸te, Gelbart surpasses himself this time by augmenting his palette of instruments to the extent where he becomes a small orchestra.

THE SOURCE of his musical identity plays THE MESSAGE of synths, broken organs, harpsichord (!), double bass, horns, cymbals and crispy drum machines. It's a SPACETIME REVERIE, where TSUBURAYA blows LEAVES FOR GAMERA while HE WHO SPEAKS THROUGH PYRAMIDS walks through ECHOVILLE with DUST on his shoes, contemplating the BIRTH OF ALPHA after THE BIG SLEEP. While humming to songs of the second moon, the HARPSICHORD AUTOMATA leads THE MARCH OF THE THINKING MACHINES to a blissful silver big bang.
A download card is included with the purchase of the record.

All music composed, played and mixed by Adi Gelbart
Cover Art by Benedikt Rugar (
Mastered by Gavin Weiss


1 He who speaks through pyramids
2 Tsuburaya
3 The big sleep
4 Leaves for Gamera
5 Harpsichord automata
6 Dust

7 Spacetime reverie
8 The source
9 Birth of Alpha
10 March of the thinking machines
11 The message
12 Echoville