Artist: 8rolek
Album: umpomat
Format: CD
Label: Mik.Musik
Cat-no.: mik037
Price: EUR 13,00
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8rolek - umpomat (2005)

CD, unlimited edition
mik.musik.!. 2005
catalogue #37/2005

long awaited third album of 8rolek aka bartek kujawski is here.

after two acclaimed albums (ptak mechaniczny ep 2001, dziewi?ta gratis 2002), there's the moment to show new effects of bartek's precise and very systematic work with the still evolving ideas and growing possibilities.
equipped with two linked laptops connected with wider and wider acoustic instrumentarium, achieves and approaches unique wisps of abstraction and attraction, basicallity and digression, lyricysm and agression, all together called umpomat.
musical pressure in present times is high, bartek neverminding makes nice decoration of his outside position with beautifull colours, even if these colors are not gratifying for other people, every time he makes move he finds fresh news important to communicate.
paralelly with CD release new webpage is launched. it is in the same time interactive animated videoclip and internet sound-toy, just another one in bartek's constructions collection.
do you expect to be barked there? yes, please come. nice is barefoot.

instead of the long text, we put here below the short interview with the author of the umpomat CD bartek kujawski himself:

mik.musik.!.- how do you think - is it possible to make audio-recording of dalmatian dog's hair?

bartek kujawski - few years ago in my home one dalmatian was living. these dogs moult and cast off their hair terribly. hair was everywhere and all year long. it was in computer and mikes as well, when i was recording my first album. may be, just because of that it sounds like it sounds.

m.- and how you can describe the sound of gold?

b.- bling bling, maybe even blingx blingx.

m.- what is behind the folk definition, and what folk means for you? we talk here more about music than embroidering or sculpture.

b.- folk is the music for simple boys, just like me simply. and for simple girls.

m.- what is the recipe for successfull connection between acoustic and electronic instrumentarium? is the laptop just the whistling pipe of the XXI century?

b.- laptop is the pipe of the XX century, and pipe is the laptop of the XXI century.

m.- and how long is this pipe?

b.- two meters and the half.

m.- do you have any dreams or expectations according to umpomat album? do you think this is important contribution
to the development of music, even if tiny?

b.- i can't judge it. i only wanna be a popstar at last!

m.- in three words - what would you call as evident music?

b.- i don't know such.

m.- who is mr. b.b. king for you?

b.- fat guitar player.