Artist: A*Class
Album: Ain't no Future but our Future
Format: CD
Label: nneon
Cat-no.: nneon003-2
Price: EUR 10,00
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Stop dancing! Assimilate! Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it! Stay sober! Keep your nose clean! Save it for marriage! Respect your mother! Rejoice! Berlin based Christian hardcore band A*Class spreads the good word and is here to assist you in becoming a better citizen. This is the first evening of your new life! Become born again through the kicking bass lines coupled with educational lyrics! Hello future!

>From Berlin, A*Class consist of Patric Catani and Wildest Gina V. D'Orio. Well, yes indeed you find the origial lineup of DHR group EC80R here, but if you followed up to the different direction both went during the last years - Patric released his Candie Hank album recently [Gagarin Records] produced tracks for/with Gonzales, Angie Reed, Puppetmastaz [to name just a few] and Gina is currently very active worldwide with her group Cobra Killer - you can imagine that this here might not sound like EC80R at all. Miami-Bass-Bootysound-influenced tracks with lyrics about school, learning, reading books, aversion towards dancing, mom's meatballs - totally anti-drug and alcohol. Never ever before assiduity sounded so damn sexy. It looks like this record might blow some dancefloors, that's why we plan to release this a little later on vinyl too - with two bonus tracks.