Artist: Messer Chups
Album: Hyena Safari
Format: CD
Label: solnze records
Cat-no.: scd_010
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Release: 2005

The Eighth Circle Of Hell For MESSER CHUPS.

So the season for hyena safari is open. Actually, ladies and gentlemen, it's inhuman to hunt hyenas. Why the animals' rights watchers and the wildlife protection foundations do not seem to be concerned?! If you disturb the ecological balance in savanna by lessening the population of hyenas the lions will not have a natural rival anymore. That could lead to an ecological breakdown worldwide. Therefore, I would probably deny to review the album if I was not a 100% sure that no hyenas had been harmed in the making of this record.
The hard-liners of Russian-style easy listening music MESSER CHUPS have released their eighth horror-album called Hyena Safari. It is easy listening since one can enjoy it as a background music while the other one will get a kick out of relishing every detail. And it is the Russian style - 'cause in wealthy Europe where MESSER CHUPS is also quite popular all that satanic accessories of the b-class horror movies might thrill the audience. In Russia where the vast territory is haunted with the ghosts of Chikatilo and other psycho maniacs, where the fake religious sects of all kinds declaim their philosophy all that props can thrill with horror only kids in summer camps after darkness. Russians have long since got used to horror. It has become a daily routine for basically every TV program.
MESSER CHUPS is also known for it's steady policy to bring aesthetics into kitsch and trash. The founding father of pop-art Andy Warhol promoted kitsch to a objet d'art at some point. There are enough artists that doubt it nowadays. They can argue against his point. But they can not argue with Andy Warhol anymore. First of all he's dead. And second, the history has ranked him as an accredited authority in the world of art. And no one can afford to ignore this. MESSER CHUPS is a good example to prove the viability and relevance of his point. Check out the videos on the album and you'll see where the inspiration was drawn from.
In general, the album does not stand out from the previous MESSER CHUPS releases. That can be marked both as a good and as a bad feature. On one hand, the band is true to itself and the album will not disappoint the fans. On the other hand, one can see it as stagnation. There's nothing new except of maybe the art-whistling by Alexey Lazovsky on a couple of tracks that seems to be called up to substitute the magnificent sounds of theremin. Lidya Kavina and her theremin was one of the most important contributories to the MESSER CHUPS previous albums' success. It's a pity not to see her in the band anymore. Perhaps mr. Gitarkin, the founder of the band, has become concerned about losing his position of the only leader of the group. And that is a step back to my mind.
I also can't help mentioning how nicely the album is designed by Doping-Pong. The idea of the woman - werewolf is shown in 6 stages as a black-and-while cartoon. The woman transforms into hyena. Hyena associates with danger. And that reminds of Friedrich Nietsche Thus Spake Zaratustra wisdom: A true man craves for two things - a danger and a play. And therefore he needs a woman as the most dangerous of all toys. Listening to guitar-surf of MESSER CHUPS one can imagine Eros and Thanatos dancing together on a circle of life called sansara in Buddhism.

Maxilla Kuznetsov


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